QMILK started with a small blender in the kitchen. The young lady who is the boss is a micro biologist and makes diary proteins which are future oriented inventions, which of course are not only 100% natural, but are also sustainably produced.
Her promise – an organic polymer free of solvents, plasticizers and adimids, she developed about 3000 recipes. Also, it allows the properties of the material which enables eg hard or flexible. So all conventional plastics from petroleum can be replaced.

 QMILK is a patented, specially designed spinning process. As water – and energy-efficient, zero – waste – is this procedure process very sustainable. QMILK fibers are made of 100% renewable Raw materials and non-food milk. The QMILK fiber after a few weeks is biodegradable in compost. (DIN EN 14119). This milk is not suitable for food use and is expensively disposed so far as unused secondary waste. This amounts to about 2 million tones anually in Germany alone. The Green Tec Awards were awarded in 2015.