QMILK Textil

natural and innovativ

In a dress from QMILK, it makes you feel like a modern Cleopatra !

Scaly, peeling and dirt adherence. And it remains 100% natural. Because QMILK is a protein fiber and feels velvety soft as silk. And is therefore an ideal combination for a wide variety of material mixes made of natural or synthetic fibers. QMILK improves the Product properties from a share of 20%. Through its soft grip, the fiber is ideal for clothing. The fiber is also good with its moisture absorption and climate regulation. The antibacterial efficacy protects in direct contact with the skin. The fiber has been tested dermatologically with “excellent”.

With QMILK we focus on quality, naturalness, innovation and extra-ordinary feeling.


unquie material combinations

Any variety of wool – such as shearing, alpaca, merino are suitable. But also viscose, cotton, cellulose or synthetic can be spun QMILK.
With the particularly smooth surface, the QMILK® fiber is ideal for people with sensitive skin. The feel of the milk protein fiber is similar to the silk fiber.

QMILK® is the ideal fiber for applications with direct contact to the skin. The fiber can not only been seen on basic of its property profile as a combination of natural and industrial fiber. But also because of it’s structural building.


amazing touch

QMILK are staple fibers and are suitable for the production of multi-component nonwovens with innovative manufacturing processes. Also coated with QMILK, the functional properties are generated.
The modern trend material made of wool is often associated with viscose and synthetic fibers mixed. QMILK significantly improves the unique
properties of wool. It gives you a increased silk feel and strength.


Amazing Applications

QMILK has a smooth surface
naturally antibacterial like silver
climate regulating
regulates the temperature
moisture management
absorbs water easily

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