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The casein, which is the main resource of our products, is made from raw milk, that is no longer tradable and regarding legislation can not be used as food. In Germany every year 2 million tons of milk must be disposed of. This milk still contains valuable ingredients and offers great potential for technical purposes. We use a raw material which is inevitably accrued and thus only extend its product life cycle. Additionally, we pay attention to sustainable animal husbandry of our suppliers.

2 Mio. Tons of Milk are disposed every year!

The use of side streams that occur inevitably in the production of a product become more and more of interest and importance due to the background of rising commodity prices and dwindling resources. Especially the use of Waste streams in the agricultural and food industry
have great potential.

The QMILK polymer is based on the milk protein called casein. The casein is produced from raw milk that isn’t marketable and in accordance to legal regulations should not be used as food. This milk is discarded.
Although it is not suitable for consumption, the milk still contains valuable ingredients and is a very precious commodity, that offers a big potential for technical purposes.
Our vision is the revolution of the milk market by an unique concept. We are working to build the first logistics system for the collection of Non-Food milk to ensure a Zero Waste production from raw material to the finished product.

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