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Our unique and innovative products

Qmilk Faser

QMILK - Fiber - Innovation - Material combinations

QMILK fibers are 100% natural, soft and smooth as silk and skin friendly. They meet the requirement of innovative material developments. With a natural antibacterial effect and high hydrophilicity, they provide added value of the fiber products in the growth market.QMILK as the only natural fiber which has thermo-bonding properties. Thus, other natural fibers can also be combined without conventional plastics or phenolic resins. So, of course, light-weight constructions remain 100% and can be composted.

Qmilk Cosmetics

QMILK – natural cosmetics with natural peptides- As the new active favorites in medicine an cosmetics. They protect and regulate all processes of the skin. QMILK – pure & effective skin care system- Exclusive compositions of organic oils and fresh milk proteins even free of alcohol & glycerol- Your sensitive skin is healthy and youthfully fresh! Protected, best supplied and in balance, your skin is healthy and youthfully fresh.

Qmilk Biopolymer

The amterial of the future

With the world’s first – 100% natural plastic QMILK makes a decisive contribution to human health and the environment of people. Properties of QMILK organic plastic:

Within a few months completely bio-degradable without any residue

-naturally anti-bacterial

-dermatologically “excellent”.

-flame retardant and low density


QMILK-leading company of production and processing of milk proteins from non-FOOD milk and renewable raw materials in the patented up-cycling process. QMILK is a pioneer for sustainability of products and manufacturing. QMILK fibers are a new functional material with interesting properties. So on the one hand, material deficiency is eliminated, but creates new opportunities for product development with clear added value for health and the environment


QMILK sustainable technologie

2 Mio. tons of milk are disposed every year!

Zero Waste
No waste
low water consumption
max. 2 Liter water per kg fiber
low energy consumption
low process temperatures
short process
Max. n5 minutes processing time
QMILK- lowest CO2 emission

QMILK is a patented, specially designed spinning process. As water – and energy-efficient, zero – waste – is this procedure process very sustainable. QMILK fibers are made of 100% renewable Raw materials and non-food milk.

This milk is not suitable for food use and is expensively disposed so far as unused secondary waste. This amounts to about 2 million tones anually in Germany alone. The Green Tec Awards were awarded in 2015


temperature regulating
flame retardant

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